Eight Natural Remedies to stop snoring

Eight Natural Remedies to stop snoring

Article by Joe Smith

The best remedy is the one that works for you personallyThe best remedy for snoring depends very much on you personally. When do your family members notice you snoring? I have personally noticed my wife snoring while sleeping on her back and not snoring when sleeping on her side. Since you are sleeping when you snore you do not get to witness your own problem to large extant. You need to get feedback and develop knowledge on the commons cause of snoring both direct causes and indirect causes. Then get information on cures that are used to stop snoring. These remedies can be very simple and can use natural ingredients on them. One approach is to try the simplest remedy (that you believe applies to you or a spouse) and list them to the most complex. Try them to see if they help. Keep in mind some of these remedies can be very inexpensive or low cost. This article will explain natural remedies to stop or eliminate snoring.

Simple natural curesMost simple natural cures involve simple adjustments. Sometimes even as simple as changing your sleep position by sleeping on your side can stop the tongue from falling back in the throat, reducing the obstructions in the air flow that can cause snoring. Even a new mattress or pillow can help how your body is positioned, to create easier breathing.

Remedies for nasal congestionFor obstructions that are in the nasal area natural ointments may help you to breathe easier. Essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus and coconut oils can help you to breathe better. Or using a neti pot used with a saline solution is another option to clear the nasal passages; a neti pot is used to irrigate the nasal membranes. Breathing in steam is also being a solution to clear the nasal passages. Acupressure is a technique were you apply gentle pressure at any of three pressure points, bottom of both of the nostrils, top both sides of the nose and below both earlobes.

Nutritional RemediesGeneral nutritional improvement can play a role in snoring reduction. Weight loss and using supplements like blue green algae and spirulina can help with overall nutrition, which may help with a reduction in snoring. Allergies can also play a role in causing your to snore with nasal inflammation.

Other remediesOther natural remedies to snoring involve specific exercises for the mouth and tongue. They are very simple to do, tongue stretching- which is stretching out your tongue to your chin or lips and hold for ten seconds and repeat. Jaw exercises pushing your jaw out and hold for ten secs. And singing exercises sing vowels A/E/I/O/U. With these natural approaches hopefully you should see a reduction in your snoring.

Eight Natural remedies summarized

Change sleep position by sleeping on your side, preventing the tongue obstructing the airway.Breathe in steam via boiling water or a humidifier, for nasal congestion.Acupressure do by applying pressure on the three pressure points, for a reduction in nasal congestion.Neti pot use for nasal and sinus congestion.Tongue and Jaw exercise -do regularly for best results, helps with breathing obstructions. New mattress or pillow to improve breathing obstructions.Essential oils, to assist in removing nasal sinus congestion.Blue green algae and spirulina, another way to deal with nasal and sinus congestion.

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