Book review: Create Abundance The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue 创造丰盛

How to enhance your frequency

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue 创造丰盛 discusses many universally important topics such as why humans suffer. This book explains the difference between negative and positive energy. A complex topic like attaining the highest frequency that humans can have is also discussed.

Why do humans suffer?

In Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue, the author attempts to explain that suffering is a part of the human experience. Though people do suffer with all sorts of conditions and maladies, they always try to avoid suffering and achieve happiness.

Parents feel joyful when they can provide a wonderful life for their children. Humans also find joy in their work and during times of fun, relaxation and vacation. They find joy in love and relationships. Many of the things in life bring us happiness and when we are happy, our individual frequency is enhanced.

Happiness, the highest frequency

When humans are happy, they reach the highest frequency and they emit positive energy. Conversely, when humans are sad, disappointed, angry, etc. their frequency becomes lower. They emit a lower frequency. Being around someone with a low frequency is troubling and most of us try to avoid people like that.

Positive energy

Some people just naturally have more positive energy than negative. In order to increase your frequency, get involved in selfless acts. Do things for other people. Try to make the world a better place. You can develop a higher frequency because positive energy multiplies and replicates itself, but so does negative.