When Do Contact Lenses Actually Expire?

If you are new to wearing contact lenses, you probably have a load of questions about how to care for them. Unlike eyeglasses which require a simple wipe from a chamois every once in a while, contact lenses require more attention and care to get the most out of them. One of the most popular questions new lens wearers have surrounds the expiration date.

Different Lenses Have Different Expiration Dates

When you first visit your optometrist and inquire about contact lenses, they will prescribe certain lenses that fit your vision. Eyeglasses can normally be worn all day and do not need to be switched out – unless you require reading glasses as well.

Contact lenses on other hand, can start to lose their effectiveness after a period of time – depending on the type of lens you have. For instance, some lenses are designed to last for a full day, also known as one-a-days. Other lenses can be used for as long as a month before needing to be swapped out. To prevent any infections, it’s important to prevent using old lenses that do not have your current prescription. Be sure to follow the optometrist’s instructions and switch out your old lenses when necessary.

Toss Them Out Regularly

Contacts lenses are not designed to last forever. The “best by” date listed on the lens box lets you know how long you can safely use the lens for. After the date has passed, for health reasons, it would be wise to throw them

away and open up a new pair. There have been numerous occasions where people would wear their contact lenses beyond the “best by” date, and suffer from infections as a result.