P&M Hearings For The Minimum Vision Requirements Of California

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A P&M hearing – also sometimes referred to as a reexamination hearing or a medical suspension hearing – is a court hearing that determines whether or not someone is truly fit to drive. These hearings take place at a DMV safety office and they do their best to accommodate people with physical disabilities.

These are often scheduled when your doctor or someone else you know reports that they don’t think you can see well enough to drive or for anything else that might impair your driving. Usually you will receive a notice in the mail telling you when you have to show up at least 10 days before the scheduled appointment.

If the DMV viewed you as an immediate threat, you may have had your license suspended before your hearing date. However, if this was not the case they do not suspend or revoke your license until after the hearing.

In the case where your license is suspended, the DMV will often not schedule a hearing date and will instead inform the person of their suspension and will let them schedule a date only if they wish to contest the decision. They are given 10 days to schedule a hearing after they receive the notice in the mail.

At the hearing will be a DMV examiner whose job will be to do an in-person evaluation of the person who wants to keep their driver’s license. If the person fails to arrive at their hearing then they forfeit the right to have one.

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