Proven Skincare Remedies that Date Back to Ancient Times

The ancients are known for their many weird concepts when it comes to beauty. Some seems outrageous, but they also have some great ideas that were adopted even to this day. On that note, here are some of the proven skincare remedies and beauty secrets of the ancient that you should be putting use today:

  • Milk and Honey

One of the legendary beauties who is said to be using milk and honey in beauty regimen is Cleopatra. The queen of Egypt is known for her flawless skin and history said that to achieve that, Cleopatra bathes in a mixture of olive oil, milk and honey. To this day, these three ingredients are still widely used as facial treatments in many of the world’s finest spas.

  • Avocado

Many centuries ago, avocado is used by the Aztecs as a skin moisturizer. They use avocado oil in order to balance out their skin as it is capable of reducing the size of pores which produces much healthier looking skin. The advantage of olive oil is that the human skin can easily absorb the oil and does not clog the pores.

  • Gloves for Anti-Aging

Many years ago, Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, has also recognized that the hands are the very first part of the body that shows sign of aging. With that knowledge, she is very keen on keeping the signs of aging at bay and she did that using a gloves anti-aging. These anti-aging gloves she wore every night were lined with rose water, was and sweet almond oil which is said to work on softening her hands.

  • Rose Water

When it says rose water, the image in people’s mind was always of romance as well as luxury, right? The use of rose water in beauty and skin care can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians. It has been used by many for its ability to prevent aging through tightening of the pores and reducing wrinkles. At the same time, rose water has also been used as a cleanser being able to easily remove oil, dirt and many other pollutants from the skin.

  • Eggs

Who would not know that eggs can be used as skin care remedy? It’s always been that one ingredient that was a primary ingredient for skin care many years before. The Chinese were noted to use eggs which date back to 600 BC. It was used to face and neck as a temporary face lift effectively tightening the skin. With the protein in the eggs, it’s also able to hydrate the skin.

These are all the proven skincare remedies dating back centuries ago and which are still being used to this day. Some are not well know while some are quite popular but they all have been proven to help in reducing aging signs, cleanse the skin and make it look more glowing and softer. These are essentially the most important ingredients for beauty and skin care that set off the start for today’s skin care industry.