What is Natural Dentistry?

Some dentists do not tell their patients the long term effects of dentistry on the whole body. The concern gave rise to the practice of natural dentistry. Natural dentists, also called holistic dentists, practice dentistry that promotes the whole body, the patient’s attitudes and feelings, as well as the teeth and gums.

It is not Just Your Mouth

Holistic dentists will educate patients on maintaining the health of the whole body and the relationship between dentistry and the state of other body organs. Doctors in Glendora natural dentistry clinics know that the mouth is important in the overall body health.

The Practice of Holistic Dentistry

In Glendora holistic dental physicians consider the patient’s entire state of physical and emotional health. The holistic dentist only uses the natural therapies to diagnose, prevent, and cure oral cavity diseases.

Natural Dentistry Avoids Toxins

Your visit to a Glendora family dental clinic and the treatment you get from the holistic dentist does not involve toxic elements. Amalgam, for instance, which ordinary dentists use to fill cavities, contains mercury. Mercury can harm your central nervous and immune systems.

The holistic dental clinic will use natural antibacterial agents to reduce the risk of the patient infecting the gums. The physician also purifies water for all dental procedures and uses special air units to filter out toxins in the operating room. The doctor will avoid sterilizing agents and use a digital X-ray to minimize radiation. In place of the toxic amalgam or nickel, the holistic dentistry clinics may use resin.
Ecco Dental offers Glendora natural dentistry to correct teeth and keep the mouth healthy.