3 Natural Remedies for Strained Eyes

Problems with one’s vision is quickly becoming an issue. This is because more and more time spent looking at information on a mobile or a computer, and which causes damage to the eyes in a greater proportion than you can imagine.

While there are recommended exercises for the eyes, in order to prevent them from deteriorating rapidly, one can also follow a diet in order to help in the renewal and repair process for stress free eyes.

That said, here are 3 natural remedies:

#1: No spicy, non-vegetarian and preservative-heavy foods

These types of foods usually lead to the buildup of toxins and which is extremely difficult for the body to get rid of. As a result, this leads buildup leads to a number of diseases with vision problems being one of them.

#2: Almonds, raisins and figs

A combination of these three fruits are considered to be the best remedy for your eyes. A common home remedy involving soaking them in water overnight and then eating them on an empty stomach in the morning. Thanks to a good amount of fiber and vitamins in these fruits, there is a noticeable improvement in digestion along with the body flushing out toxins as a result. This, in turn, helps in resolving eye-related problems.

#3: Vitamin A Foods

There are a number of Vitamin A foods that can help you improve eyesight. Some of these include oranges, carrots and green leafy vegetables and so on and so forth. Including these foods in your daily diet can make a great impact to your overall health as well.

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