4 Ailments That Can Be Cured Using Home Remedies

Even if there was no scientific basis for your grandmother to suggest certain home remedies for ailments, the truth is that some of them actually work.

Even if modern medicine has done away with these home remedies, a number of ailments can actually be cured.

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That said, here are 4 ailments that you can cure using home remedies:

#1: Bad breath

While the most popular solution is to eat yogurt, this doesn’t work since most of them are commercial and are made from pasteurized milk. Instead, use traditionally made yogurt from raw milk. Foods like tempeh and natto are excellent options as well.

#2: Hiccups

Do not consume sugar in order to cure hiccups. There are a number of other options that are better compared to this one that spikes your insulin. One accepted way by which you can cure insulin is by holding down the tragus of your ear (that shuts off your ear canal) and drinking a full glass of water.

#3: Motion Sickness

While olives are a good solution for motion sickness as well as nausea, ginger tends to be better. You can place the latter in a cup of hot water and drink it slowly as it can very strong. Or the option includes slicing fresh ginger into small pieces and swallowing it whole.

#4: Headache

Before you look for a cure for headaches, please remember that there are a number of reasons why a headache can occur. If you have migraines, then it would be advisable to avoid preservatives, grains, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Another method that can offer immediate relief is intravenous magnesium.

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