4 Bizarre Home Remedies That You Can Try

While there are certain home remedies that can help you with a number of cures, there are other surprising ones that you would have never associated with a home remedy in the first place.

Most of these remedies are household objects and foods that you would least expect.

That said, here are 4 bizarre home remedies that you can try:

#1: Vodka

If you have smelly feet, then you can dip a washcloth in vodka which will work to take away the stench. The reason for this is that alcohol is antiseptic and drying and which will destroy the bacteria and fungus while also drying out the moisture that creates an ideal environment for these organisms to grow.

#2: Pencils

When you get anxious or stressed, you might tend to clench your jaw and teeth. However, that’s not a good thing since it will strain the muscle that will cause a tension headache. So, the simple solution is that you put a pencil between your teeth but don’t bite. This will automatically relax the jaw muscle which in turn will prevent the pain.

#3: Yoghurt

If you have bad breath, you can use yoghurt, and the live bacteria in it, to suppress it. This home remedy works because the good bugs crowd out the bad one or create an unhealthy environment for it.

#4: Lemon balm tea

This is an excellent remedy for cold sores, a type of herpes virus that is not sexually transmitted. All you have to do is add the herb to a boiling cup of water

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