5 Reasons to Choose a Natural Remedy Over a Prescription Drug

5 Reasons to Choose a Natural Remedy Over a Prescription Drug

Article by Laura Ramirez

Natural remedy for illnesses versus prescription drugs has been the subject of medical debates for quite some time now. While most patients swear by what their doctors prescribe, others have started questioning the risks that typically go with pharmaceutical remedies, and have embarked on the task of looking for safer and more natural alternatives. There are other important reasons to consider before settling on a treatment to address medical problems. Below are five of the most common arguments one can use to weigh the pros and cons of both natural cures and prescription drugs.

Staying true to the body’s natural chemical constitution. One of the biggest points of contention between a prescription drug and a natural remedy is the former having synthetic substances that can make brain chemicals fluctuate. As a result, the body is made to believe that the symptoms of a certain illness are subsiding because the chemical ingredients in a prescription drug tell this to the brain (this is especially true of medication for psychiatric conditions). Natural remedies aim to do away with synthetic means of healing, and go for ingredients that enhance the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. In this light, little to no side effects is experienced by the patient.

Ingredients of natural remedies have been around for centuries. A look at the list of components of a natural remedy reveals mostly plants, herbs, and other organic ingredients, and no synthetic ones. As a result, they do not alter a body’s hormones just to make it feel better. Natural remedies have been used to heal all sorts of illnesses since time immemorial, with most ingredients taken raw or cooked with food. Pharmaceutical medication, on the other hand, is a relatively new concept compared to them. Both have been used to treat the same range of diseases and disorders throughout the years, and have yielded different results in the process.

A natural remedy best complements a healthy lifestyle. Most people who choose natural cures over prescription ones are likely already practicing (or at least considering) healthy lifestyle choices and activities, such as eating less meat and processed food, and exercising regularly. Surveys reveal that these people instinctively know how good natural ingredients are as health supplements and for healing certain illnesses. They are aware that a quick cure-all is not the answer to their medical problems. Lecithin, for instance, is a proven effective substance derived from soy which helps lower cholesterol. It cannot totally eliminate cholesterol-related sickness by itself, but with exercise and proper diet, lecithin can do wonders.

There are many ancient practices centered on natural remedies. While it could be argued that prescription medications are backed by scientific data and results, ancient cultures such as those of India and China have their own centuries-old healing systems that even modern-day health practitioners take inspiration from. Indian Ayurveda and Chinese acupuncture, for instance, are enjoying a wave of popularity from people who want to try alternative ways to feel better. Perhaps a big reason for this is that they are backed by philosophies revolving around nature’s healing powers, and the ability of the body to heal itself. It is still important to do ample research on alternative therapies and remedies before going for them, though. Learn do distinguish from scam cure-alls and promises of instant relief, and to consider those that have a successful history of actual healing and health benefits.

Most natural remedies are more affordable than their prescription counterparts. The usual trend of pharmaceutical drugs is to have higher costs than an alternative natural remedy, largely because they are from big-name companies that rely on advertising for sales. Natural alternatives are typically known by word-of-mouth recommendation, and are only available in health stores and other shops promoting organic-based lifestyles. Also, some of these can be prepared at home with purchased raw ingredients, thereby eliminating extra costs.

This article does not seek to promote the total elimination of prescription drugs nor to undermine doctors’ pharmaceutical knowledge, especially on medical matters that require regulated dosages of it. However, it is good to know that the proper natural remedy can be a good alternative for those who do not want side effects typically associated with prescription medication to keep them healthy and disease-free.

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