Ancient Chinese medical practices are widely used in the West

Article written by Coleanse.

History especially Chinese natural healing and medicine history teaches us many lessons. Ancient Chinese believed three methods of elimination, sweating it out, vomiting through the mouth, and disposing through the anus or urination, were pathologically critical to cure illnesses. During the Han Dynasty, these three methods were widely practiced in China. Later some thought these methods were too rigid and causing debilitating results and therefore, put to a side. However, during the 12th and 13th centuries, especially during the Jin-Yuan medical reform period, once again they were brought back as effective purgation techniques.

Americans also practice natural healing process more specifically elimination techniques and are widely used since the 19th century. One area of practice is colonic irrigation where water is used for cleansing. Widely used supplements including Coleanse Pills use many proven natural cleansing agents to provide gentle cleansing of the colon and disposal through the anus.

Three Chinese principles of elimination, sweating, vomiting and disposing, have been practiced on and off in China throughout its history and the West started to use them beginning in the 19th century. Coleanse Diet Pills is a supplement that relies on elimination through disposing to bring relief from many conditions.

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