Best 4 Natural Remedies For Eczema

Best 4 Natural Remedies For Eczema

Article by Mark Young

In this article I will outline 4 natural remedies for eczema that has worked for myself, and also many others.

It is vital to know that the label “natural remedies for eczema” is not any assurance for safety. The methods I shall be discussing in this article will not be harmful though. I know that many people out there have used these natural remedies for eczema with good results.

I spent a few years, and a lot of money, in search for natural remedies for eczema. There’s a lot of snake oil on the market, but the remedies I’ve listed below will be effective depending on your ability to implement them.

So, let’s get on with it. Here is my top four natural remedies for eczema:

1) Food: I experimented a lot with totally different diets, and I realized that some meals made my eczema condition worse, whereas other foods seemed to have a cooling impact on my eczema outbreaks.

2) Probiotics: My ring-finger was more or less an open wound for 3 years. The probiotics remedy is what started my “natural-remedies-for-eczema-venture” some years ago. After just a few weeks on probiotics I experienced what is often referred to as “healing crisis”. That symptoms are minor fever, heavy sweating, feeling sick, not unlike a regular flu. It lasted for a few days, and my open wound finger healed perfectly in a matter of days after that. It was an incredible experience to say the least.

This made me understand that food and the digestive system had to be vital when it comes to natural remedies for eczema. I started to experiment more in that area, and taking things into my own hands was the best decision I ever made.

3) Vitamin and Mineral supplements: I also tried out many various vitamin supplements after my probiotics “miracle experience”. It’s essential to find vitamin and mineral supplements that the body can actually absorb. It’s also important to know that what you take is safe and effective. Vitamin and mineral supplements are an important a part of any natural remedies for eczema regimen.

If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, your immune system just isn’t working properly, and the body is under loads of stress at all times (it really wants to heal your situation, but something is constantly blocking and hindering its effort). Therefore, your body and immune system needs all the important vitamins and minerals you can give to it.

4) Virgin Olive Oil: It’s a very good to use of plenty of prime quality virgin olive oil in your cooking. You can even use virgin (unrefined) olive oil as a dietary supplement. A table spoon in the morning, and one before bedtime is good. Olive oil has an alkaline and soothing effect on your digestive tract, and makes the food “glide through” more easily.

It seems that the web is flooded with natural remedies for eczema. Every individual person is different, and will respond differently to natural remedies. However the above natural eczema remedies are each cheap and efficient, and also easy to implement.

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