Best and Effective Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

Best and Effective Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

Article by Jared Ingram

A panic attack is a body’s response to fear or unexpected feeling of anxiety. This kind of attack can occur at any time, be it during the day or the night. Most people who undergo panic attacks are being rushed to hospitals or emergency centers because some cases are mistaken for heart attacks or serious seizures. There are different kinds of fears a person who is suffering from it or anxiety has. It can be either classified as physical (doorknob, snakes), an event (traveling through plane, swimming, and fear of dying) or just an irrational imagination of a situation or event.Unlike some illnesses like migraine, they do not have any obvious triggers. A person suffering from severe anxiety will not know when and where it will happen. They are usually caused by the body’s responses when the brain misinterprets an event as threatening or dangerous. This is also due to the body’s fight or fight response to danger. It  usually happens when the feeling of staying put or running away from the threat gets out of control. A lot of people who are suffering from it know how distressful and terrifying the feeling could be. A patient of a panic disorder usually feels chest pain, nausea, sweating, shortness of breath and light-headedness during an attack. There may be a lot of medications for it but some side effects may let you think twice about taking it. Now, a lot of experts and average people who experienced it have come with natural remedies for it.One famous and effective, non-drug way of curing it is hypnosis. The mind’s effect on the body can be strengthened through hypnosis. Hypnosis can change a person’s way of perceiving sensations and would be able to divert and focus one’s attention to things that would lead to an attack. Hypnosis can relax one’s mind and body. Other non-drug therapies may include humor, energy psychology (tapping or thought field therapy) and cognitive behavioral therapy. Humor visualization can give patients a mental image of themselves laughing during the onset of an attack or when symptoms arise. It replaces the upsetting emotions of an attack. Laughter, as per experts, is believed to reduce one’s cortisol level (stress hormone).While some non-drug therapies may cost one person a fortune, there are still effective ways and techniques given out either for free or at a cheap price. One survivor, Dayne Stevens, shared his own  natural remedies for panic attacks.First tip from Stevens’ article is to focus on exhaling during the attack. Exhaling gives the brain more oxygen to come up with good decisions and function well. Next is to focus on distractions. By distracting your mind, one will be able to overcome the sighted fear or danger. A person can do math problems, difficult spelling problems or something that would stimulate the brain from thinking otherwise. Splashing some cold water on one’s face can create a slight shock to the system and it would make you awake and distracted. Distraction helps a lot of people who suffer from it but since there are some people who know when it will happen, it is highly suggested that a person experiencing triggers prior to an attack to try to remove it. Avoiding stressors will also greatly help in preventing it from happening.These may be just a few natural remedies for anxiety attacks. There are still a number of remedies for it but the most important matter one should begin with is to understand what it really is. Understanding the condition in general terms and being able to understand one’s own condition (knowing what you fear most or what makes you anxious) will help a person come up with ways that would prevent the attack from happening.

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