Creating Your Own Eczema Natural Remedies At Home

Creating Your Own Eczema Natural Remedies At Home

Article by Bruce Nolan

If you happen to be one of the millions of people around the world who suffers from eczema, a safe and effective remedy is just what you have been looking for. All of the best treatments for this common skin problem soothe and heal using ingredients which are safe for your skin. For this reason, natural remedies are always a better choice than harsh, chemical based products.

This article will address three specific natural remedies for eczema, including explaining why they work and how to prepare them. These three therapies will help you find much deserved relief from eczema.

As you probably know, thorough regular cleansing is an important part of treating eczema. Unfortunately, a great many of the soaps and skin cleansers on the market are too harsh to use when you have eczema. Rather than helping, they can dry and irritate your skin, making matters worse.

However, there is a very good natural alternative that will keep your skin healthy and help it heal. A combination of comfrey root, white oak bark, and slippery elm bark will make a very good cleaner to use both during an eczema flare up and as your normal cleanser. It will also help relieve the itching and inflammation of eczema. It is even gentle enough for use on babies and young children.

Comfrey root has long been used as an anti-inflammatory and to promote healing. It helps to stimulate growth and can also reduce scarring.

White oak bark is an excellent source of zinc, which soothes the skin as well as vitamin B12. Additionally, its astringency helps reduce inflammation and tone your skin.

Slippery elm bark is rich in tannins, which act as natural antibiotics. Not only does this ingredient help to prevent infections, it can also reduce inflammation.

This skin wash is one of the best eczema natural remedies out there and it is easy to make too. Simply combine 1 tsp each of comfrey root, slippery elm bark and white oak bark with 2 cups of water.

Bring the mixture to a boil, then simmer for about half an hour before removing from heat, allowing to cool completely and straining out the solids. The remaining liquid can be used as you would use any other skin wash.

There are a lot of eczema remedies out there, but this face wash can go a long way towards reducing the itching and inflammation and give your skin the help it needs to heal.

If you would like to learn more about eczema natural remedies, do a search online or visit my website. There you will find plenty of information about eczema and how to treat it using safe, soothing natural remedies.

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