Crowns and Veneers for decayed front teeth

Many of our new patients are referrals from other satisfied guests. In the case of Blake, he was referred by his mother, who tutored my children and came to me with a minor dental problem. We got to know one another and she was very impressed with how I worked with patients who were afraid of the dentist. Her son, she said, was terrified of seeing anyone about his teeth. She referred him to my practice.

When Blake came to my office for the first time, he was very shy. He covered his mouth whenever he smiled or spoke. He came across as a very kind and gentle soul, who sadly had terrible oral hygiene habits. He had decay on all of his front upper and lower teeth. He said that he never really liked any of the dentists he had seen before, and that he was so afraid of pain that he decided to stop seeing dentists altogether. After a careful examination and discussion with Blake, we decided to break his treatment into segments. That way he would only have to be in the dentist’s chair for an hour or so at a time.

The first step of treatment was to fix his upper teeth, which showed extremely visible decay. We administered oral sedatives and talked over every aspect of the procedure before we did anything. I removed the decayed teeth and made him temporaries so he could see what it would look like when the treatments were over. During the process itself, Blake kept excitedly telling us how he didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. He couldn’t believe it when the procedure was over. He came in for final cementation and we finally handed him the mirror…

Drum Roll for the End Result: He was flabbergasted by what he saw. He thanked my team over and over again, running from person to person to hug them. He said he couldn’t believe how worried he’d been. The process was relaxing and pain-free.

Extra Update: Blake came back to do his lower teeth recently. He says he’s been going out and meeting people in ways he never would have before we fixed his teeth. We’ve ended up doing 16 crowns and veneers and adjusting his upper and lower arches. Blake is now living a life free of pain, worry, and cavities.

For patients who are apprehensive about dental treatments and even sitting in the dental chair, Dr. Solomon provides Sedation Dentistry. Dr. Solomon can prescribe patients with the correct amount of medication to ensure their visit is fearless, relaxed and pleasant. He often treats patients who are apprehensive of dentists and is able to rid them of their fears.


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