Dog Natural Remedy Treatments

Dog Natural Remedy Treatments

Article by Anna B O’Brien

We love our dogs. When you walk in a pet store and are bombarded with all sorts of cures for minor problems, what do you do.

Would you be surprised to learn that you can use natural home remedies to treat your dog for a variety of conditions?

The products at the vet and pet food stores can be very expensive, and can come with side effects.

For example: ear mites? What is the best and safest remedy to use for a cure?

There are numerous remedies for dogs that claim to do all sorts of things. They scary part of these claims is what are the side effects to our animals.

We know that using organic and natural food for family and ourselves is best for our health.

So why not use natural remedies in treating your dog.

With increasing popularity in natural remedies, we find that there are many that can work well for our pets and can offer them relief from a variety of conditions.

One popular home remedy for dogs only is garlic. Garlic for dogs only has been known to treat heartworms. It has proven to work quite well for dogs.

A real added benefit with using garlic for your dog only is it can repel many other parasites, including fleas.

Instead of investing your money on over-the-counter flea treatment products, or ordering expensive flea products from your vet, consider using an all-natural remedy like garlic to treat your dogs fleas.

Never use raw garlic for cats. Only cooked garlic for cats.

The list goes on and on for other natural remedies that work well for your pets.

Another such remedy is Vitamin E. I am sure you have noticed how Vitamin E is always added to lotions because it is very soothing to the skin.

One very good use of Vitamin E for your dog if they suffer from ear mites. You can mix a solution of mineral oil or almond oil with vitamin E and apply it to your dogs ears.

When doing this you will kill off the ear mites as well as soothe the skin that may have been irritated by the ear mites.

With natural remedies for pets, they are easy to use and most likely; you will have the products already in your home.

One very important part when using natural remedies is to always remember cats and dogs are very different and cannot use the same thing many times.

For example, Raw garlic is deadly to a cat but not a dog. You must cook the garlic for any treatment for cats.

Want to get more natural home remedies that are safe for your dog?

Treat your dog with safe natural remedies. You will be saving money, and saving your dog from dangerous side effects.

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