Exploring the Potential Side Effects of Natural Remedies

Exploring the Potential Side Effects of Natural Remedies

Article by Gaetane Ross

When we consider natural remedies, we most consider these to be safe and effective with little potential for dangerous side effects. While it is true that most natural, herbal-based remedies do not pose a significant threat to individuals that take part in them, there are some that actually do have the potential to create side effects that are uncomfortable and may pose a threat to the individual that is experiencing them. Throughout this article, we will be exploring the potential side effects of natural and herbal remedies. If you are currently participating in natural treatments, or considering them, it may be in your best interest to continue reading.

Natural remedies have been explored all throughout history. These remedies have been used to provide a natural boost to the immune system, heal injuries, and even cure many painful conditions experienced by the individual. Many have found that these natural substances provide a high level of energy, and improve the overall health in general. However, scientists and medical professionals who have studied these natural remedies for years have stated that there is still a lot of research to be done in order to conclude whether or not these remedies hold true relevance when it comes to the overall health of an individual, or if there are side effects that can be potentially harmful overall to an individual.

Still, there are many who have made some amazing discoveries when it comes to natural remedies. It has been found that substances that were once believed to be effective and helpful to an individual may actually be quite harmful to the body and the health as a whole. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular herbal remedies available to individuals today. These include that of Ephedra, glucosamine, chondroitin, and enchinacea. Chances are, you have probably heard of at least one of these natural substances. Well, did you know that each of these remedies have the potential to produce adverse side effects that can prove to be harmful?

1. Ephedra – This is a common natural remedy that was once used as a weight loss supplement. In addition to assisting with complications in excess weight, it has been found to provide effective relief to those that suffer from complications with their energy levels, and breathing. However, after thoroughly researching the overall effects of this substance, the Federal Drug Administration felt is was best to ban this substance for use in the United States. Many experienced severe complications like high levels in blood pressure, strokes, and even heart attacks which proved to be fatal after consuming this product which was once believed to be “safe”.

2. Glucosamine – This product has been used by many as a natural remedy to joint health. Unfortunately, many individuals who consumed this product were also diabetics. This substance was found to deliver the same properties as insulin. The body of those who took this product thought that this was insulin and reacted inappropriately. As a result, it caused many problems.

3. Chondroitin – This product has been used in many arthritis patients. Unfortunately, many of these individuals were taking blood thinners at the same time they took this product. As a result, many complications associated with free bleeding and other bleeding disorders were experienced.

4. Enchinacea – This product has been used all throughout history in treating infections of various types. The downfall to taking this substance is that it impacts the immune system as a whole. The individual who takes this will notice that they heal slowly and inappropriately.


There are many dangerous side effects associated with natural remedies – even the most common ones. If you want to experiment with the “natural”, it is essential that you ensure that you know exactly what you are up against. If you do, you may be prone to more complications than you bargained for.

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