Finding a Commercial Kitchen for your Own Catering Business

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A commercial kitchen that works best for you can be a crucial factor when starting a catering business. Choosing the right location, size and type of commercial kitchen plays an important role in keeping the business running smoothly, as well as coming up with the right types of dishes, the type of occasions that you cater to and where these occasions can be held. Here are some options to consider when choosing a commercial kitchen for your catering business.

Home Kitchen

Many starting caterers want to start their business from their own home kitchen. While this may be a good call for small-scale business, the output can be limited. A catering business based at home may not appear as legitimate and clients may not be sure about the sanitary practices observed by the owner.

Shared Commercial Kitchen

A shared commercial kitchen may be the most practical choice for caterers who are just starting out. A shared kitchen space is leased out to several chefs at once. This kitchen serves as a group kitchen for food handlers. This option allows you to save money on your catering business.

Private Commercial Kitchen

The best option for a catering business is to lease out a private commercial kitchen. There are plenty of benefits when having your own kitchen. Aiming for larger-scale catering business is also possible when you have this type of commercial kitchen.

Onsite Kitchen

If you observe that your business performs more onsite catering, then you can simply rent a commercial kitchen space at the venue of the event. However, most venues only allow leasing their kitchens to in-house caterers. If you can, try becoming the exclusive caterer of that particular venue.

Portable Kitchen

If you specialize in mobile catering services, you can simply rent out a portable kitchen equipment and store it in a trailer or a van. This versatile option allows you to cook anywhere; simply unload the equipment and supplies from the vehicle and set up your temporary kitchen.

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