Five Natural Remedies For Pets That Relieve Cat Urinary Problems

Five Natural Remedies For Pets That Relieve Cat Urinary Problems

Article by Darlene Norris

Ever wondered if there’s something you can do at home to prevent or treat cat urinary problems? Here’s a list of five natural remedies for cat bladder infection, along with how to choose the best natural remedies for pets.

Feed Your Cat A High-Quality Canned Food

But, you say, this isn’t a natural remedy. Actually it is. Feeding your cat the best diet possible is the easiest natural way to keep him healthy and prevent future problems due to poor nutrition.

Did you know that cats that eat only dry food are chronically dehydrated? Dry food has an extremely low moisture level, compared to canned food. Cats are meant to get most of their water from their food, so many of them don’t drink enough water, which can lead to cat urinary problems.

Fresh, Clean, Water Is A Must

Lots of clean, fresh water is another natural remedy that promotes bladder health in your cat. Your tap water may taste funny to your cat, so give him filtered water to make it more appealing to him. If your cat still won’t drink enough, you can add a little extra water to his canned food to increase his moisture intake.

Recommended Supplements

If your cat is suffering from a feline bladder infection, try giving him between 250 and 500 milligrams of vitamin C every day. Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to relieve the pain of a cat bladder infection. It helps an irritated, inflamed bladder to heal itself, too.

Vitamin C can cause diarrhea if the dosage is too high, so start on the low side and work up to determine the best size dose for your kitty.

Cranberry is an old natural remedy that prevents bacteria from sticking to the bladder walls. Avoid the super-sweet cranberry juice at the grocery store, and give your cat cranberry capsules instead.

Herbal Pet Remedies

Many of these same herbs that people have been using for centuries can be used on pets, too. The best-known herbal pet remedies for feline urinary tract infections are uva ursi and Oregon graph holly.

Uva ursi is a strong diuretic that kills bacteria in the bladder, and also supports urinary system health.

Oregon grape holly contains berberine, a natural antibiotic that’s effective against strep and staph bacteria. It also relieves inflammation in the bladder.

Homeopathic Remedies For Cat Bladder Infection

Cantharis is a homeopathic remedy that is very effective for relieving pain. It’s also useful when your cat is straining to empty his bladder, since it gets rid of the feeling that the bladder is still full, even after it’s just been emptied.

Staphysagria also relieves pain and promotes healing of inflamed tissues.

How To Choose The Best Natural Remedies For Pets

You’re probably wondering how you’re going to give your cat four different herbs and homeopathic remedies. Wonder no more. There is a product available now that combines all four of these traditional remedies. It’s safe and effective, as well as being easy to use.

You’ll be relieved to know that you can give this remedy right along with any antibiotic treatment your cat is on. This herbal remedy for pets doesn’t interfere with the antibiotics in any way. And you can continue giving your cat this remedy to support bladder health long after the antibiotic is finished.

Now that you’re armed with this information, you can prevent cat urinary problems from sneaking up on your feline friend.

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