Natural Remedies For A Cyst On The Ovaries – Give Home Treatments A Try Today

Natural Remedies For A Cyst On The Ovaries – Give Home Treatments A Try Today

Article by C Oliver

Did you know that there are natural remedies for a cyst on the ovaries? Indeed, there are home treatments for ovarian cysts that you can try today which can make a significant difference.

Most ovarian cysts are benign and significantly harmless. They are also known to sometimes disappear by themselves in a certain period of time. However, there are those which don’t and just grow bigger and bigger. A huge ovarian cyst may cause complications because it can push on or affect other tissues and organs as well as the whole ovary. It can also cause several symptoms like pelvic pain, bleeding and irregular menstrual flow. Worst case scenario is the possibility of it turning into a cancerous cyst. In that case, removal of cyst on the ovaries through surgery or removal of the affected ovary may be needed. Prevent that from happening. The moment you find out that a certain ovarian cyst exists inside you through ultrasound or perhaps other medical tests, you need to start taking action before it’s too late.

Here are some natural remedies for a cyst on the ovaries:

Natural Remedy #1-Stress reduction techniques

Stress is very a common dilemma as we all seem to live pretty busy and complicated lives. Perhaps you already understand that stress can disrupt the normal functions of the body. An ovarian cyst is a result of failed ovulation. It’s either the egg wasn’t released from the ovary or the empty follicle from which the egg was developed didn’t dissolve when it should have been. This failed process is an indication that the normal bodily functions are disrupted and one cause of that is stress. That’s why you need to get rid of stress from your system every now and then. Take yoga retreats. Do meditation and breathing exercises. Go for a relaxing massage or perhaps join a support group.

Natural Remedy #2-Castor oil

Certain natural remedies for a cyst on the ovaries make use of castor oil or castor oil packs. The castor oil is a certain type of vegetable oil derived from castor seeds. This particular oil has been used for several health and medicinal purposes. Using castor oil involves heat. If you are having abdominal pains due to the presence of cyst on the ovaries, what you need to do to relieve those pains is to apply the said oil over your abdomen. The next step is to place a clean flannel or towel over that abdominal area. Keep in mind to double the thickness of that towel or flannel before applying a heat pad. Wash off afterwards.

Natural Remedy #3-Heat therapy

You can take a warm bath if you are experiencing some sort of aching in your pelvic or abdominal area. Other natural remedies for a cyst on the ovaries involve further forms of heat therapy options including the use of hot water bag, hot compress and a hot bottle of water wrapped with a towel. Apply these things over the affected area, which is commonly the woman’s abdomen.

Natural Remedy #4-Reducing estrogen intake

Excessive estrogen contributes to creating hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance can cause ovarian cysts, which may be risky especially if it’s causing painful symptoms and discomfort. That’s why you have to limit the intake of foods having estrogen and xenoestrogens.

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