Natural Remedies for Circulation Problems

Natural Remedies for Circulation Problems

Article by Tom Chua

Quite often, cold hands and feet and poor memory may be an early warning sign of a poor circulation. The circulatory system must function well to ensure that nutrients and oxygen reach every part of your body.

Poor circulation is commonly the result of fatty deposits in the inside of blood vessels. This leads to a reduced blood flow to essential areas such as the heart, hands and feet.

Using natural remedies for circulation difficulties may be an excellent first choice for many people.

Below are the top three natural remedies that are commonly suggested by herbalists for treating poor circulation.

#1 – Ginkgo

If there is one herb for improving poor circulation, ginkgo biloba would be the one and only herb. It is extensively used in Germany and France for treating memory problems and circulation difficulties. Even today, herbalists continue to prescribe this popular herb for many people.

Any supplements for circulation problems need to include ginkgo biloba extract in their formulation for maximum beneficial effects.

#2 – Hawthorn

Hawthorn is another common herb used to improve blood flow. Indeed, clinical studies show that it helps people with high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. This herb can be a good choice for improving circulation, especially if the person also has mild high blood pressure.

#3 – Ginger

The Asians use ginger in their cuisines. But ginger has more health benefits than just to improve the taste of Chinese dishes. Ginger is a warming herb and thus is known to increase blood flow to the skin and many parts of the body.

Eating ginger can provide you with a warming sensation that can be helpful in relieving leg pains and cold fingers due to poor circulation. Even a ginger tea drink can be helpful as well.

Want to know many more natural remedies that works to improve circulation?

See the article Herbs for Circulation in the link below to get a complete list of herbs and remedies that can be effective for improving circulation. Included are recommended dose to use.

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Discover other supplements and natural remedies for circulation problems along with recommended doses. See our report Herbs for Circulation.

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