Natural remedies for Hypothyroidism – can I get better?

Natural remedies for Hypothyroidism – can I get better?

Article by Tom Walsh

Hypothyroidism is a condition that is caused when the Thyroid gland, which is and endocrine gland located in the neck, starts to slow down. This has a knock on effect on all parts of the body because the thyroid gland is responsible for virtually all metabolic activity within the body. When this slowing of the Thyroid gland occurs many symptoms can manifest including weight gain, depression, fatigue, dry skin and hair and intolerance to cold. Hypothyroidism is a dreadful condition and this article will discuss whether natural remedies for Hypothyroidism will help you get better.

Usually when someone is diagnosed with Hypothyroidism their doctor will usually prescribe them a synthetic form of the Thyroid hormone Thyroxine. This works well for many and their symptoms usually disappear as long as they continue to take the synthetic Thyroxine. The bad news is that this method of treatment doesn’t work well for everyone and those people continue to suffer from Hypothyroidism symptoms even when blood test results show that the blood contains a normal amount of thyroid hormones and when this happens, these people often look for an alternative method to treat their condition.

Natural remedies for Hypothyroidism are an excellent alternative because they target whatever it is that is causing the Thyroid gland to run slow whereas the conventional method of treatment merely masks the symptoms and the Thyroid doesn’t get any better. These natural remedies usually consist of a healing protocol which may mean you have to detox your body and eat a healthy diet full of foods which boost Thyroid function and on top of that it may be necessary to use healing herbs, vitamins and minerals to ensure the Thyroid gets plenty of the nutrients it needs for optimal function.

Over the course of your lifetime the body accumulates many toxins and they can come in to contact with the body in many different ways such as pollutants in the air and water as well as chemicals additives which may be added to some of the foods you eat. These toxins can be removed from your body gently which will boost your body’s ability to heal.

A healthy diet as part of the natural remedies for Hypothyroidism healing protocol would consist of foods which can nourish the Thyroid gland and provide it with everything it needs to function well. Eating foods which contain Iodine and Tyrosine will help to boost Thyroid function as these are essential ingredients needed in the production of Thyroid hormone. Also important is the mineral Selenium, which can be found in a good many foods, as this mineral is needed when the body converts the less active Thyroid hormone Thyroxine in to its more active counterpart Triiodothyronine.

As mentioned earlier in the article, natural remedies for Hypothyroidism may include healing hers which can give the thyroid gland a boost. Herbs which can help improve Thyroid function include Withania, Bladderwrack, Bacopa and Guggol.

So can natural remedies for Hypothyroidism really make you better? Yes they can, because they target the root cause of the problem which when addressed will promote healing and in turn will cause your Thyroid gland to work better. I must point out that a healing protocol such as the ones talked about in this article must be arranged for you by someone qualified to do so. Healing can take different amounts of time from person to person and so it is important to not expect instant results and stick with your healing protocol and you’ll soon feel those symptoms ebbing away.

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