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Want to learn about natural remedies for pets and money saving ideas? In this article we are going to cover natural remedies and home remedies for both cats and dogs. Natural remedies for pets by definition are in addition to or separate from conventional vet medicine. Natural remedies are being used for a variety of reasons but primarily to avoid harsh side effects resulting from conventional veterinarian treatment.

You already know that trips to the vet are expensive and that it is more comfortable for your pets if you can treat them at home. Additionally, many times the vet’s office is closed when we need to treat minor illnesses and ailments. Imagine being able to treat and home and save money in the process.


Natural home remedies have some great benefits. Additionally, the use of natural home remedies has become more popular due to the cost and hassle of conventional medicines.

* Saves money on vet bills

* Reduces the chance of harmful side effects

* Most are readily available in your home already

* Well tolerated by our four legged friends

* Can also be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment

* Are especially useful in mild cases of illnesses and ailments

* Homemade remedies are generally harmless and rarely cause side effects


* Vitamin E mixed with a solution of mineral oil or almond oil can be used to treat ear mites in dogs and cats

* Garlic can be used to treat fleas as a prevention method and for many other pet remedies

* Cranberry and orange juice can be used to treat urinary tract infections

* Apple cider vinegar is being used to clean up infection areas and is very soothing

* A paste of baking soda and water is being used for insect bites and stings

* Turmeric is being used to treat cysts and arthritisSupplements are another form of natural remedies for pets and are being used more and more. Some advantages of supplements are that many come in the form of tablets which some pet owners prefer to use because of ease of use.

Herbal remedies are another form of natural remedies for pets and many times are made from herbs we use every day in our homes. Many home remedies are made from natural ingredients we use in our homes daily.

To learn about other home remedies and treatment secrets that can save you a ton of money in vet bills read on through the last paragraph. Natural remedies for pets are easy to use and our pets will love us for using them.

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