Natural Remedies for Thrush – 3 Simple Home Remedies for Thrush

Natural Remedies for Thrush – 3 Simple Home Remedies for Thrush

Article by John Cielo

More and more thrush victims are discovering the benefits of using natural remedies for thrush instead of drug-based medications. Here, you’ll discover why this is, plus, three simple home remedies for thrush that are very popular and effective. First though, let’s look at the cause of thrush…

Thrush symptoms are caused by the ‘overgrowth’ of the Candida albicans fungus that naturally occurs in our bodies. Luckily our good bacteria normally keeps the nasty Candida fungus under control so that it doesn’t usually do us any harm.

But there are underlying issues that can change all that and allow the fungus to grow into an infection. It’s these that are the root causes of thrush (yeast infection). The major root causes are; depletion of your friendly bacteria, a lowered immune system, hormonal imbalance, drugs, and high blood sugar levels.

Mainstream Thrush Remedies

Usually women and men go to the pharmacy and buy over-the-counter drug-based medications in the form of creams, etc. You can also get prescription-based drugs too. And these can work quite well in getting rid of the thrush symptoms.

But they don’t address the root cause(s) so that what many sufferers find is that their thrush can return. This happens to about 50% of thrush sufferers. So people are increasingly using natural remedies for thrush.

Natural Remedies for Thrush

Here are 3 simple home remedies for thrush that you can try…

Natural Remedy #1

Use raw garlic which has great antifungal properties. Eating garlic every day helps to address the Candida in your gut. For the local symptoms crush a peeled clove into a smooth paste and apply over the area. Internally, you can make a garlic tampon by wrapping a peeled clove in muslin or similar cloth. Leave it in overnight.

Natural Remedy #2

Natural yogurt is very popular. Unsweetened yogurt with no additives like fruit or coloring contains beneficial bacteria that can help to keep the Candida fungus under control. So eat a tub every day to add good bacteria into your gut. And, as with garlic, you can use it locally too. Just coat the local area. You can also coat a regular tampon with the yogurt and insert overnight.

Natural Remedy #3

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic. Bathe in a warm, low bath that has two or three drops of tea tree oil mixed in it. Some people find that it can sting a bit. If it stings too much then just rinse the area with cold water until the stinging goes away. Don’t continue with this particular natural remedy.

Natural Remedies for Thrush – Next Steps

These are just three of very many home remedies out there. But what many people find is that what works for one person doesn’t always work for another, and vice versa. So you need to get to know as many of these natural remedies as possible. You also need to address a number of potential issues that can lead to horrible recurring thrush. Many of these are lifestyle issues that you won’t even be aware of. See below…

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