Natural Remedies for Vertigo

Natural Remedies for Vertigo

Article by Jeffrey Lipnick

Natural Remedies for Vertigo

There may be many natural remedies for vertigo out there, but the one that I am confident will help you tremendously is called EFT or Emotional Freedom technique. This isn’t some magic pill falsely claiming to be a remedy for vertigo, but a technique that releases the foundational causes of the intrusive symptoms.

The technique involves tapping on various stress release points that have been shown to help emotional and physical symptoms easily dissolve. While other natural remedies for vertigo might provide temporary relief, working with EFT in depth can lead to lasting and deeper healing. EFT is also a fantastic tool for symptom relief which you can use on yourself immediately without having to rely on some drops, pills, or mixtures like some other natural remedies for vertigo.

In my own experience, EFT helped me get out of a trip to the hospital. I was still recovering from some illness/detoxing but needed to go to the store despite the fact that it was about 11 degrees fahrenheit outside. I dressed poorly, and pushed myself on the bike ride over, although I hadn’t exercised in over 2 months. After making it in the store, I got horribly dizzy and could feel myself slowly begin to start blacking out. As the fuzzy dots closed in, I started tapping and immediately my symptoms began to recede. It took me a good 45 minutes of tapping to get myself back in shape for the trip home, but if I didn’t have EFT, I would have passed out and the store would have been forced to call an ambulance. Although not vertigo, I hope this helps demonstrate how EFT can help with the symptoms.

You can check out a case study here, of EFT being applied successfully to treat vertigo.

If you are really looking for a lasting natural remedy for vertigo, then please contact me through my website for a FREE 20-MINUTE CONSULTATION. There is absolutely no obligation, and if you familiarize yourself with the basic EFT technique before the call (which you can learn on my site), I can work with you right then and there.

Please take the 20-minutes for your health. Other natural remedies for vertigo *might* work, but with your free consultation you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Thanks, and I’ll talk to you soon.


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My name is Jeffrey Lipnick. I work with Emotional Freedom Technique over the phone and offer free 20 minute consultations with zero obligation. My website is

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