Natural remedy for head lice

Natural remedy for head lice

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How you can use natural remedies for head lice?

In this article weÂ’re going to have a look at the facts about lice, the symptoms, how they spread, the myths that surround the subject, how you may wish to treat the infection and where you can find out more information.

Head Lice (Pediculus capitis) are a problem specific to humans and cannot be transferred between humans and animals, although different species of animals can have lice infestations they are not the same parasite as the human head lice feeds only on human blood. Typically it is only the head area that it is infected but it is possible for other hairy parts of the body to become infected as well.

With regards to the myths surrounding the head lice topic, lice actually prefer a clean scalp so it is not a sign of poor hygiene. Lice also are not a problem specific to just children although it is more common in children aged 4-11 years old anyone with hair can be affected by head lice.

The common treatments typically prescribed are insecticides such as pyrethrin or permethrin although neither of these methods assures 100% destruction of the eggs or lice. Lice can also become resistant to certain insecticides and with what can be a reoccurring problems parents have become increasingly concerned about the longer term use of such treatments.

Because of this many have turned to natural remedies for lice as the problem becomes increasingly common and harder to treat. There are many natural remedies for lice, one of the best methods is to use a lice comb to remove the lice and nits (ie the eggs).  The following 5 steps I have found to be fairly effective:

To start with wet the hair – you may like to add a little cream or conditioner to allow the comb to slide along the hair with greater ease, it also stops the lice racing through the hair and out of sight.Make sure you remove all the head lice that you find.Rise the hair and then reapply conditioner reworking through the hair and concentrating on the eggs and any of the lice you may have missed the first time round.Check the hair daily until you find no head lice for 3 days in a row.Don’t give up!

If youÂ’d like to know more information on natural remedies for lice I would recommend checking out the following:

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