Safe and Natural Remedies for Depression That You Can Try

Safe and Natural Remedies for Depression That You Can Try

Article by James Napier

There are many easy to use natural remedies for curing depression. It is an emotional disorder and hence it is difficult to cope compared to physical ailments. Modern lifestyle and busy work routine has increased the number of victims of this problem, mental tension related to work, financial matters, relationship, health or other fears can push a person in the state of depression. The intensity of this problem varies from slight sadness to serious dejection and hopelessness. Since it is related to emotional state of a person hence it can reoccur after getting cured depending upon the circumstances and emotional health of a person. Because of this natural remedies are favored by most of the people as these can be continued and even long term use of these do not cause any side effects compared to other medications.

Asparagus is an effective herb which can alleviate depression very effectively as it provides necessary nutrition and works very well for mental health curing mental disorders. The raw herb can be taken and dried, later it can be grinded to form a powder and 1-2 grams of powder can be consumed daily. Ashwagandha is another herb which is available in capsule or tablet form and is very useful natural remedy for depression. It has many properties for sound mental and physical health. It increases immunity, metabolism rate, energy and mental clarity to counter causes of depression and provide positive attitude. Other than herbal remedies foods also help in pulling a person out of depression. Normal tea without milk and made by mixing two cardamoms and consumed twice a day is a natural remedy. Half teaspoon of sage and half teaspoon of basil mixed in glass of water and boiled on a low flame for sometime consumed while hot is also an effective remedy for depression.

Cashew nuts are good supportive diet for alleviating depression and one apple consumed with honey and milk also work as natural remedy for depression. Mixture of juice of Amla and nutmeg powder is also a good remedy, one tablespoon of Amla juice mixed with one-eighth teaspoon of nutmeg powder and consumed daily helps in treating depression. Diet rich in magnesium is an excellent natural remedy for depression, nuts, vegetables and whole grains are rich sources of magnesium so stress shall be laid on consuming these foods more in the diet. Avoiding excess tea, coffee, alcohol, physical inactivity and beverages also prevent formation of harmful acids and toxins in the body which are harmful for mental health and promote emotional disorders. Mild exercises according to one’s capacity, massages, spas and relaxation therapies also works well for curing depression. Utilizing free time in hobbies or other interesting activities keeps mind away from negative thoughts.

Yoga provides some effective poses which have been designed to promote sound mental health, also work as effective natural remedy. Meditation and breathing exercises taught in Yoga are excellent stress busters, stress and anxiety are the biggest causes of depression. Drinking sufficient amount of water to prevent constipation or gastric troubles also helps in treating the problem, excessive gas formation due to constipation or other reasons work as trigger for episodes of depression.

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Depression can be dangerous if not treated. It can be treated with natural and herbal remedies without any side effects.

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