Spice up your digestive system with spices

Guest post is provided by Coleanse Diet. Spices not only provide protection against many debilitating diseases but also improve your digestion. Use spices rich Coleanse to improve your digestive functions.

Recent studies reveal that cumin seeds show promise of lowering blood glucose and provide effective antibacterial qualities working in your digestive system. Cloves on the other hand is a key ingredient in reducing intestinal worms, reduce digestive discomfort including nausea, colic, and bloating. As an oral hygiene enhancer, cloves can be used to reduce toothache and used in gargle to prevent bad breath, laryngitis, and pharyngitis. Garlic is an excellent cold fighter as well as a heart health booster by lowering cholesterol and triglycerides and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic also protects blood vessels from oxidative stress and inflammation. Chemically garlic contains selenium, flavonoids, and sulfur related nutrients. Studies show its effectiveness in destruction of cancer cells and improve metabolism. Research also show olive leaf extract to contain cholesterol lowering qualities as well as provide protection against cancer, oxidative damage and guard against cognitive decline. Other spices that provide similar benefits include peppermint leaf and thyme leaf powder. When you are unable incorporate these in your daily diet, use a supplement such as Coleanse Diet that is rich in these spices.

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