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Natural remedies for gout have gained in popularity due to severe side effects of drugs and pharmaceuticals in long run and regular use. On the other hand natural remedies for gout not only provide treatment without any side effects even after regular and long term use but perhaps much better and effective cure than traditional gout medicines. Gout is caused by the deposition of uric acid crystals in the joints, excess production due to any reason or improper excretion of uric acid due to weak kidney’s raise the level of uric acid in the body which can form crystals in the long run causing pain, swelling, infection and lack of movement in the joints.

Drinking a glass of water mixed with juice of half lemon three times in a day is a good gout remedy as citric acid present in lemon juice helps the body in decreasing uric acid level by dissolving it. Increased intake of banana, at least 4-5 bananas everyday, also works well for treating gout. Cherries are also excellent remedy for gout, 20-25 fresh cherries in the morning can alleviate gout very well, juice of French beans and carrot juice mixed with beet and cucumber juice are also natural remedies for gout. All the fruits and vegetables which have high content of vitamin C are natural remedies for gout, Indian gooseberry or Amla has high content of vitamin C and is one of the best natural remedies for gout. Consuming two or three fresh fruits of amla everyday either in raw form, in salad, or in food works very well for treating gout.

Alfalfa provides herbal treatment which is very effective in reducing uric acid level in the body as well as it can prevent future conditions of gout. Increased intake of garlic is also an effective treatment for gout condition, 2-3 cloves of garlic everyday helps in reducing gout condition, black cherry juice in concentrated form is also a good natural remedy for gout. For relieving the pain of gout topical application of capsaicin cream is very effective as it can relieve the pain by inhibiting the signals of pain to brain. Ice packs can also help in relieving the pain. Consuming two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey also works wonderfully in relieving the pain in the joints due to gout condition. Applying ground ginger to the painful area also relieves the pain by dissolving uric acid crystals quickly. Epsom salt water bath and warm packs applied after covering the affected area with a cloth soaked in castor oil are good remedies for alleviating gout pain naturally.

Drinking sufficient amount of water in a day is a primary natural remedy for gout as dehydrated body invites episodes of gout frequently. Reducing weight will help the body in maintaining health of the joints and mild exercises too will keep proper blood circulation and will ensure proper excretion of uric acid from the body. Avoiding foods which are astringent in nature, too much alcohol and salty and spicy foods are harmful and promote gout condition frequently. One should always take care of few conditions to avoid gout attacks particularly poor dental health, constipation, unhealthy liver and slow kidney functioning as any of these problems can trigger a gout attack.

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