What Are Osteoarthritis Natural Remedies

What Are Osteoarthritis Natural Remedies

Article by Meredith Walker

There are many osteoarthritis natural remedies that are both effective and free of side-effects, and that is the reason so many trust these natural remedies. These osteoarthritis natural remedies can help those with osteoarthritis live pain-free lives, and can also slow or even stop the progression of the disease.

A variety of osteoarthritis natural remedies exist. First and arguably most important is to adjust and change the diet and lifestyle of the individual. Foods that aggravate osteoarthritis are to be avoided, while healthier foods should be included in the changed diet. The new lifestyle should involve less alcohol, tobacco and even caffeine, and should include regular moderate exercise to keep the body healthy.

Aside from changing lifestyle and diet to help treat osteoarthritis, herbal remedies are also available to directly treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation. Herbal remedies such as boswellia serrata, devil’s claw, ginger and even willow bark can all help relieve pain and reduce inflammation as well. Taken as teas or supplement capsules, they are also convenient for the average individual.

Other natural supplements may also be used to help treat osteoarthritis. These natural supplements often make use of herbal remedies, combining them into an even more effective mix within the supplement capsules. Supplements may also include fish oil or omega-3 capsules.

While these remedies are effective, however, one of the goals and ideals of arthritis natural medicine – where osteoarthritis natural remedies fall – is the prevention of future attacks of osteoarthritis. In this manner, by preventing osteoarthritis, they are treating it in advance and preventing damage that the body cannot repair.

Preventing osteoarthritis before it occurs involved learning to live with a healthy lifestyle even before osteoarthritis can set in. Also, if an individual had been eating correctly to begin with, then osteoarthritis would have been less likely to set in.

Correct exercise methods are also important to preventing osteoarthritis. Moderate exercise is effective, but one must take care not to put undue strain on the joints can muscles during exercise, because this could help in the development of osteoarthritis instead.

Even conventional medicine agrees in the saying that goes “an once of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” But even if osteoarthritis develops despite the precautions taken, one can rest assured that arthritis natural remedies can help treat osteoarthritis symptoms effectively.

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