What causes bad breath and how to prevent it?

Article written by Coleanse Diet. Bad breath can be mainly caused by dental conditions but other internal conditions may also contribute to it. Many use supplements such as Coleanse containing natural ingredients to get a safe and gentle cleanse of the colon to stop bad breath.

Many people suffer from bad breath. Scientists believe more than 80 percent of bad breath is caused by oral hygiene including dental cavities, gum disease, and tonsils. Other reasons that cause bad breath may include diabetes, liver disease, bronchitis, respiratory tract infections and dry mouth. Many also get bad breath due to digestive tract issues such as acid reflux. This is why brushing teeth properly and seeing your dentist on a regular basis become critical to stop bad breath. Dentists recommend regular brushing after each meal, flossing and rinsing with a mouth wash. Watching what you eat also important to stop bad breath. Fasting and low-carb diet may contribute to bad breath. Similarly, certain food items such as garlic, onion and pepperoni may create temporary bad breath. Regular hydration, cutting back on coffee and alcohol and stopping smoking may also help. Some also use supplements such as Coleanse Diet to cleanse the colon to keep the digestive tract away from making bad breath.

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