Proven ADHD Products – Drugs & Natural Remedies – Which is Better?

Proven ADHD Products – Drugs & Natural Remedies – Which is Better?

Article by Laura Ramirez

There are two types of ADHD products that have proven to be effective: prescription drugs and natural remedies. In this article, you’ll learn important facts about each type of treatment, so you can make a safe, healthy effective choice for your child.

Drugs vs. Natural Medicine: Which Is Better?

1. One of the biggest complaints that parents have when giving children prescription products to help with ADHD is that they have side effects. Some of these side effects can create developmental issues and even make the symptoms of ADHD worse. Natural remedies have no side effects and will not interact negatively with any other drug your child might be taking. (Some of the side effects of taking drugs include stomach issues, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, anxiousness, etc.)

2. Although you may think that prescription ADHD products are more effective, this is not the case, especially when you consider their side effects and long term implications on a developing brain. Although they may be faster acting, this does not mean that they are more effective in the long run and it certainly doesn’t mean that they are healthy.

3. Most people don’t realize that drugs do not cure ADHD. Instead, they just temporarily suppress the symptoms. Compare this with natural remedies which contain ingredients that suppress the symptoms AND give the brain the nutrients it needs to restore proper function over time. If you have to give your child ADHD products, why not give your child a medicine that will heal his brain, rather than one that will just suppress the symptoms? After all, shouldn’t the goal of giving medicine be to help your child get better?

When looking for a quality natural remedy, do your research because they are not all created equal. Find a remedy that contains clinically proven ingredients like Hyoscyamus, Verta Alb, Arson Ion and Tuberculinum. Make sure the formulation has been FDA-approved. Another thing to look for is a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee because this shows a company that stands behind their product. The best, most effective ADHD products on the market today contain the herbs listed above, are FDA-approved for safety and come with a full guarantee.

So there you have it: some important information on products to help with ADHD that will help you make the best treatment choice for your child. Although drugs do work for some children, you have to consider the big picture, create a vision of health for your child and take the steps that will help your child move toward it.

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