The Shocking Truth About ITP Blood Disorder and Natural Remedies

The Shocking Truth About ITP Blood Disorder and Natural Remedies

Article by Louis Cruz

The Shocking Truth About ITP Blood Disorder and Natural Remediesby Louis Cruz

You suffer from ITP Blood Disorder and you have tried the different natural remedies that claim to get rid of your problem. There are relaxation techniques, homeopathic remedies, stuffing yourself with blueberries, blood well, blah blah blah. You probably already know about these treatments. And I am sure that you or some loved one who has ITP has used some of these treatments already.Keep on reading and I will give you the answer to why many people fail with these remediesFollow me as in the search for the answer to this serious problem.And I say serious because ITP Blood Disorder is a serious condition that many times requires the removal of the spleen and strong toxic medicines such as Prednisone, Danazole and others that I prefer not to mention.The whole issue is when natural remedies are used without knowing if it applies to your condition as a person.Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia is a condition that has multiple causes. So the cure is going to help you if it attacks the specific cause in your situatino.Here is an example.Vitamin D is one of the remedies that is being promoted for ITP.Many are taking megadoses of Vitamin D to increase their platelets.The reason for this is because it has been proven that vitamin D can regulate the immune system. So autoimmune conditions such as ITP are supposed to improve with Vitamin D.Even though this may be true, the possibility is that it may only help those who are actually deficient in this vitamin.In other words, one of the reasons why they developed ITP was because they did not have enough vitamin D in the body. As a result, this predisposed them to ITP.So, will vitamin D help if you are not deficient in the vitamin? Not really. Developing toxicity would be the biggest danger if you take large doses and really don’t need it.You see what I mean? This cure might be of benefit to you if you were actually deficient in vitamin D.Otherwise, you can even get sick from it.So before you try any remedy for ITP blood disorder, the best thing is to make sure this remedy is for you. And there are ways of determining this. But that would be a new article.

Louis Cruzhttp://Conquerlowplatelets.comSuggestion: Consult a nutritionally oriented medical or naturopathic doctor before embarking in something you know little of.

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Louis Cruz has been researching natural alternatives for ITP for over 10 years. Thanks to this research, his mother and brother are in total remissionwith no need to take any medications. He is also the author ofConquer Low Platelets Ebook., Has practiced as a naturopath and iridologist for over 20 years.

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