Treat The Symptoms Of Herpes With Natural Remedies

Treat The Symptoms Of Herpes With Natural Remedies

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When you are first diagnosed your doctor will probably suggest a pharmaceutical herpes treatment product. However, pharmaceutical products can be based entirely upon a clever sales pitch by a pharmaceutical REP. As we all know there is a huge amount of money to be made selling pharmaceutical drugs. The kind of herpes treatment you decide upon will depend entirely on your situation and your personal preferences.

There are many different herpes treatment options on offer today. If you have already seen your physician about the Herpes symptoms you are experiencing, they may have recommended medication for you to take. But the odds are you’re probably wondering if there’s something better out there and more importantly, something natural, to treat the symptoms of herpes. Let’s explore the different options available, both medicinal and natural.

So, the first option is pharmaceutical drugs ie pills which you take on a daily basis or as your breakout begins. However the disadvantages of pharmaceutical drugs are that they generally have numerous side-effects. They also put an immense strain on your immune system in the long term. When you suffer from herpes it is imperative that your immune system operates at its most optimum level in order to avoid outbreaks. It is always best to treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

One of the most important and most overlooked ways of dealing with herpes outbreaks is looking at what you eat and how you cope with stress, as these play a major contributing factor to causing outbreaks. It is well-known that foods containing Argenine bring on outbreaks and stress plays a major factor in continuous herpes outbreaks. Avoiding foods that contribute to an outbreak and learning to manage your stress can make a huge difference in the frequency of your outbreaks.

There are many alternative natural remedies designed to treat herpes. These range from aromatherapy to homoeopathy and a bonus with using alternative natural herpes treatments is that they tend to be free of side-effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs used for treating the symptoms of herpes.

Now don’t panic, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat those lovely things that should be avoided, it just means that it is important to realise how these foods and elevated stress levels can affect your system and bring on an outbreak. Everything in careful moderation.

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